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Job Application and Interview Techniques Coaching

A story about Job Interviewing Coaching

This could be your Situation: Jasmine is excited about her future career. She enjoys a balance between work and play. Developing a satisfying career is important to her and she would like to gain wider experience and have new challenges. Ideally she would like a better salary and more benefits. The pay in her current job hasn’t been reviewed for more than 12 months. She is keen to apply for another job. However, she finds interviews nerve racking. There seems to be so many questions asked during the interview and often a few difficult ones asking for examples of her past experience. For Jasmine it is hard to think of answers on the spot. Jasmine is unsure of what to ask the interviewers and when is the right time to enquire about the salary and benefits. Jasmine knew she needed some expert help on mastering her interview technique. Jasmine contacted Sterling Leadership for Job Application and Interview Techniques Coaching.

What was the Outcome? Jasmine began a Coaching program and fast tracked her approach to developing competent interview skills and building her confidence. Sterling Leadership developed an action plan and a set of outcomes with Jasmine. This helped Jasmine keep on track with her job applications and interviews. Jasmine gained confidence in her communication style. She articulated her experience clearly at interview and could easily answer the questions that seemed difficult previously. She recognised when it was appropriate to ask important questions she wanted to have answered such as, salary, benefits, training and company culture. After a few interviews Jasmine was offered a position with a higher salary and better benefits. She now has new skills and confidence and a better future.

Does this story sound familiar? Perhaps you should consider Job Application and Job Interview Techniques Coaching.

Job Application and Interview Techniques Coaching is a rapid response coaching methodology. It enables clients to identify their preparedness for the employment recruitment and selection process. It assists clients to identify their strengths and weaknesses and enables them to ‘sell’ their capabilities to employers and key decision makers.

Clients who choose this program are usually:

  • Deciding to move on from their current employer
  • Intending to transfer into a new role with their present employer
  • Considering changing their career path
  • Needing help with getting started on their new career path after recently completing a full-time education course
  • New migrants and those unfamiliar with the Australian recruitment and selection processes

This is an integrated coaching methodology to support a client applying for employment or embarking on a new role. It is tailored towards the specific needs of the client and may include some or all of the following:

  • Identifying suitable positions
  • Verbal and written job application techniques and skills
  • How to write the best resume and cover letters
  • Preparing for the interview process
  • Making the most of the interview process by ‘selling’ capability, being aware of questioning techniques, formulating questions to pose and closing the interview
  • Follow up techniques

This integrated approach is goals and results focused and action plan driven.

A Typical Job Application and Interview Techniques Coaching Program will include:

  1. An initial session with a client gathers information about their background, setting the scene for discussing key goals and outcomes. A coaching contract is agreed. Expect this to take about 2 hours as the process is thorough.
  2. 3 Further sessions of 1 hour to 2 hours depending upon the needs of the client
  3. Coaches and clients will agree activities to be completed between coaching sessions
  4. A final wrap up session where outcomes are measured and the coaching contract is concluded.

Costs of some coaching materials and psychometric tools are in addition to the Job Application and Interview Techniques Coaching Investment.

‘Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results’ by Anon

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