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Executive Coaching

A story about Executive Coaching

This could be your Situation: Charlotte was a busy Executive building her career in the Banking and Finance industry. She tolerated long hours and managed a high workload to prove to others her capability. She had great credentials and had completed many training courses recommended by her boss. No matter how much effort she put into her work she felt unrewarded. Promotions seemed to pass her by. She began to wonder what she should do differently. At her performance appraisal meeting she asked her boss for feedback. Her boss said she was a good performer but felt she was not ready for promotion. Charlotte asked what else she could do to be considered for promotion. Her boss recommended Executive Coaching tailored to her specific developmental needs. Charlotte decided to explore Executive Coaching with Sterling Leadership.

What happened? Charlotte embarked on a 3 months Executive Coaching program designed to meet her developmental needs. Charlotte’s company sponsored her Coaching program and they were involved in scoping the parameters of the program along with Charlotte. Sterling Leadership developed an action plan and a set of outcomes with Charlotte. This assisted Charlotte to focus on what was important. She discovered a great deal about herself. She identified her strengths and weaknesses, her personality and traits, decision making preferences and much more. Soon Charlotte began to appreciate her natural style. This insight unravelled how past experiences have shaped her current behavior, both positively and negatively. This propelled her to make some changes.

Charlotte did achieve her goals and was satisfied with the outcomes achieved. At her next performance appraisal meeting she received great feedback from her boss and was promoted into a new role within 6 months.

Does this story sound familiar? Perhaps you should consider Executive Coaching.

What is Executive Coaching?

It is a medium term commitment of 3 – 6 months. It is designed to provide an intensive coaching experience for the client focusing on executive career and related personal development. Using a range of coaching tools, a client will be assisted to identify key goals to be addressed and outcomes to be achieved. Based on this discussion a client will be able to develop an action plan and milestones of success.

More than Goal Setting

Coaching is more complex than assisting clients to achieve goals. It recognises clients bring along ‘personal baggage’ gathered from past experience and expectations. These can be both positive and negative.

Positive experiences provide great examples of capability which can be tapped into. Some clients may treat negative experiences as a learning experience from which they grow and develop. However, some negative experiences bring unwelcome feelings and emotions that may affect clients gaining the outcomes they desire. Sometimes this impacts a client’s level of confidence and self esteem. It may be exhibited through limiting beliefs and personal barriers that can sabotage a set of desired goals. On occasions, working through goals may raise awareness of a client’s indecision or inner conflict over one or a number of issues.

Clients are coached to deal with negative experiences as an apparatus for gaining wisdom which enables them to remove incongruous feelings and emotions attached to these experiences. Clients will be supported and taught techniques to progressively overcome these impediments.

A Typical Executive Coaching Program will include:

  1. An initial session with a client gathers information about their background, setting the scene for discussing key goals and outcomes. A coaching contract is agreed. Expect this to take about 2 hours as the process is in depth.
  2. 6 further sessions over an 8 –12 week period. Each session may vary but will be around 1 – 1.5 hours.
  3. Coaches and clients will agree activities to be completed between coaching sessions.
  4. Reasonable phone coaching and email support is offered between coaching sessions.
  5. A final wrap up session where outcomes are measured and the coaching contract is concluded. An agreed method of feedback will be provided for clients sponsored by their employer.
  6. Coaching may be extended up to a further 3 months as required.

Costs of coaching materials and psychometric tools are included in the overall Executive Coaching Investment.

‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now’ by Johann von Goethe

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