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Sterling Leadership’s style of Coaching is a collaborative relationship between a professional coach and their client to facilitate peak performance. Coaches customise their approach to client’s needs to stimulate, inspire and facilitate their client’s personal and professional potential. Coaching is goal orientated and results focused. Its process draws on behaviours, skills, knowledge, resources and latent potential of clients.

Coaches are trained to listen, to observe, to interpret feelings and facilitate interpretation of meaning of a client’s thoughts. We discuss solutions and strategies with a client and they own the final decisions, because we believe clients to be naturally resourceful and gifted and know themselves. The Coach's role is to draw out the best from a client by focusing on their capability.

Professional coaching is an interactive process focused on improvement to achieve peak performance and extraordinary results. Professional coaches work with clients in a range of fields including Executive, Career Development, Candidate Job Application and Interview Techniques and Business Specific Skills Coaching.


Individuals and organisations who engage in a professional coaching relationship will experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness and increased confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life roles. Consistent with a commitment to enhancing their personal effectiveness, they can also expect to see appreciable results in many areas such as personal satisfaction with life and work, career satisfaction, the achievement of personally relevant goals and productivity.

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement” by Bo Bennett

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