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Career Development Coaching

A story about Career Development Coaching

This could be your Situation: James is a young professional with solid tertiary qualifications and around 5 years experience with one of the mid size law firms. The Partner he reported to had taken a keen interest in his career. He thought everything was going well until around 3 months ago the Partner transferred to the London office and he was reallocated to report to another Partner. Early in the appointment James felt the relationship was awkward and although he continued to make an effort he didn’t seem to be given the variety of challenging work he had before. James wasn’t sure what to do. He knew he enjoyed working in law and thought his present company was progressive. However, he wasn’t sure where his medium to long term future should be. A friend recommended Career Development Coaching, suggesting it may assist him to determine what to do next and provide some alternatives for his future. James decided to explore Career Development Coaching with Sterling Leadership.

What was the Outcome? James began a 2 months Career Development Coaching program designed to deal with his short term future career plans. Sterling Leadership developed an action plan and a set of outcomes with James. This greatly assisted James to put into perspective his current situation including the relationship with the new Partner. This provided him with more options of whether he would stay with his present company or look outside. Through this experience he discovered a great deal about himself. He also felt more confident about his future. This insight propelled James to make some changes. James decided to apply for another role with his present company and he was successful. He was pleased he had decided to stay with the company and felt he had a new perspective on life.

Does this story sound familiar? Perhaps you should consider Career Development Coaching.

Career Development Coaching is a short term commitment of 2 - 3 months. It is intended to fast track career focused clients on the road to self discovery and goals achievement.

Clients who choose this program are usually:

  • Considering changing their career
  • Embarking on a major career decision
  • Deciding whether to stay in their current role or progress onwards
  • Struggling with the decision of whether to stay with their current company or make a move
  • Going through a career transition

This coaching experience will incorporate a selection of coaching tools, to support a client to determine key goals and outcomes to be accomplished. Based on this discussion a client will be able to develop an action plan and milestones of success.

A Typical Career Development Coaching Program will include:

  1. An initial session with a client gathers information about their background, setting the scene for discussing key goals and outcomes. A coaching contract is agreed. Expect this to take about 2 hours as the process is thorough.
  2. 5 further sessions over an 8 week period. Each session may vary but will be around 1 – 1.5 hours.
  3. Coaches and clients will agree activities to be completed between coaching sessions
  4. A final wrap up session where outcomes are measured and the coaching contract is concluded.
  5. Coaching may be extended up to a further 1 month as required.

Costs of some coaching materials and psychometric tools are in addition to the Career Development Coaching Investment.

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